Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 24, 2003

This past Saturday May 24, 2008 was my 5 year Wedding Anniversary! It is so crazy how time flies. We have actually been together a total of 10yrs, and married for 5. We went to a new restaurant called Melt. It's located at the Saucon Valley Promenade, close to Bethlehem, PA. Dinner was Delish! It was so nice to relax and enjoy ourselves! We then went to see the new "Indiana Jones" movie at the Drive in. We love the Drive In. There are 2 here in the Lehigh Valley. Ken brought me to the Drive in (near PSU-which has now closed)when we first started dating...we saw Titanic there! It has become somewhat of a ritual on our anniversary. I love it.

On to the next 50 years!!

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Dana said...

Hey girl,

Happy Belated Anniversary! I can't believe 5 yrs already...time sure does fly by. This past weekend was 9 yrs since I made my way across country to Cali! Geez and Jeff and I are together 9 years as well.

I guess we are just having too much fun!

Love ya Mar...