Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring time!

The trees and flowers are blooming more now and that means spring and summer are coming! My favorite time of year. With that comes April Showers...but I thought the tree in front of our house looked so pretty today even though it was raining. Above is a photo of the tree!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flyers game.

Well, I thought it was going to be a good night. Up until about 1/2 hr ago when the Flyers lost in OVERTIME. The Hubs is not a happy camper! Good thing there is more than one game to play...or that he'll have LOST to watch just in case they don't move on! The saga continues...

Lady Antebellum CD!

I just downloaded their debut CD off of Itunes for $6.99! I first heard of them from my sister Denise...the lead singer is Josh Kelley's brother Charlie! They are considered a country band at the moment. The cd is awesome!!!!! It's only available at that price for the next couple get it while you can!

Fortune cookie.

Just a "little" note...My husband opened a fortune cookie last night and it said "There is beauty in simplicity". I absolutely love it! Simplicity is so my thing. In regards to design, clothes, art, photography, etc. You can start with the simplest thing, and add to it an accessory or something funky! That's what I do! I just love that quote. I think I might change the blog spot link to that. It is so hard to find a name that hasn't been taken! ugh!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My first attempt...

Hello, this is my very first blog ever! I spend so much time on so many other blogs that I love, I decided to start my own. This is new to me...but I hope the best is yet to come as I try to figure out this whole thing and change it up to make it my own! I hope to write about the things that I love in is the "little" things in life that please me just so you know. I have great attention to detail...too much I think. I'm excited to start this and will become more accustom as the days go on! Ciao Mein. (as Jack would say on "Will and Grace). My absolute favorite TV show of all time!

***Right now, I have a craving for Dark Chocolate Ice Cream from Coldstone. Too bad they closed 2hrs ago! Damn.