Friday, November 13, 2009

Check out!

Check out for the Liu's House Restaurant review. I really enjoyed writing this review and I'm currently working on another one! Exciting things happening in the Lehigh Valley! This is a site to check out the hype on what's going on in the Lehigh Valley, whether it be an event, restaurant, store opening....anything and everything!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm alive, really I am.

Okay, so I haven't actually been home for the month of October and found little time to sit and blog. November proves to be just as busy. Traveling wise that is. Wedding out of state, visiting working husband in Miami for a few days, and making time to visit my parents has me exhausted! It was a no brainer to do all these things, as these are the most important people in my life. Having not been home (State College) since July, it was great to see the "rents" and my "kids" aka my niece and nephews if only for a few moments. I'm also trying to make more time to do some writing, and more photography. It's coming slowly, and is time consuming, but I'm excited to be learning more and more! I'm doing the dreaded job search of course....but as most of us know, it's not so good out there! Still hoping to win the lottery...which reminds me, I have to be in it to win it!

The holidays are fast approaching, which seems crazy to me!! I say the same thing every I should just suck it up!! Well, hoping to post some floral photos I took outside over the Spring...nothing too crazy but it's a start. I will post some news about some writing aspects as well. Those will come soon...