Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bethlehem Sands Casino and Emeril's Chop House Restaurant!

As you can see from the previous post, last weekend was my 6th wedding Anniversary! Kenny and I decided to go to the new Bethlehem Sands Casino opening that weekend in the Lehigh Valley, and eat at Emeril's new restaurant. Little did we know that he would be cooking our meal!!!!!! That's right, Emeril was in the kitchen! He was also out and about talking to the hosts and waitstaff, and he came out to greet a few people asking to speak with him...don't know if they had an "in" or not. Even though we were only 10-50 feet away at was very hard to get a picture without being intrusive. He did wave to everybody outside the restaurant that could visibly see him cooking in the kitchen, because that part is visible to the can see part of the kitchen from the exterior of the restaurant. Emeril also had an Eat-In area by the kitchen, like he does on his show. A select 8 diners get to see the chefs in action. Not sure how you get to those seats.

The food was delicious. We had the BBQ shrimp appetizer, I had the Grilled Salmon and Kenny had the steak. Everything was delicious and worth the money for one night at least. I also had a drink called the Sand Island Iced Tea...this has local ties to Music Fest (which is held in Bethlehem every August). Sand Island is where a lot of the popular bands play. This iced tea had Rasberry rum in was fabulous!!!

If you want to see the phone pic of Emeril that I got, you'll have to go to Facebook and look me up under Mary Sullivan Dunlap. No link for it at the moment.

We didn't win anything at the slots or virtual blackjack. That was a new thing. I've never seen virtual blackjack before. I think they have the Hottie Asian and Blond chicks to distract players....very wise business move I must say. Definitley making money there.

All in all it was a fun night! It's nice to get dressed up every once and a while. It would have been nicer to win a boatload!!! Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another year gone by...Happy 6th Anniversary!

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. I have actually been writing this blog for more than a year. That's awesome! Although, I do wish I had time to update it more! To be honest, I have so much on my mind and lots of things I would like to do, or at least start to do in the coming months. I will discuss that in a future post I promise!

Today is my 6 year wedding anniversary! It's a pretty mellow day. We did some yard work and will be going to the Bethlehem Sands Casino tonight. It's the opening weekend, and we will be dining at Emeril's new restaurant called the "Chop House". I'm amazed we got a reservation, even if it is at 10:30 pm!

I'm kind of glad we didn't have anything major planned. It was nice to just hang out and enjoy the fruits and labor of our house/yard work! We started talking about how long we've been together and how old we are getting!! HA!

I seriously can't understand why the years go by so fast. Please slow down : )
Oh, the picture is from Larraine and Brian's wedding last September. I was a was a fun time!