Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First T-ball game!

Well, last weekend we made a quick trip up to State College to see my niece and nephew play some ball! They don't play very many games so we were excited to be able to make it and glad the weather held out! They are just starting out and haven't quite got all the rules of how to play down yet, but it is hilarious! They were all so cute in there hats and shirts, and most of the time the helmets were 2 sizes to big for the little ones! Emma and Caleb hit the ball very well, which I was surprised to see at their ages of 7 and 5 1/2. It was so adorable to see them interact with their teammates and attempt to cheer on whoever was up at bat! Although it is hard for them to keep the attention span on the game at times. It was the first game that Nana and Grandpa also came to, so they were excited to see us and Uncle Kenny of course. Caleb's only concern was that Kenny was going to be able to play at his house after the game was that. My youngest nephew Ethan, who is 2 was keeping Nana company on the sidelines. Some pictures of Game Day!

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