Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, marniestyle it is.  I have been struggling with this decision for a few months now.  I had a few names in mind, but I kept coming back to this one.  I also had nicknames like Sully, (maiden name is Sullivan) but I have three sisters and we can all use that one!  I'm going with my gut.  Marnie is a nickname that my dad gave me when I was a kid.  No one other than my sisters ever knew this.  So, my friends and family may seem surprised at the name, but a girl can't give out all her secrets!   I didn't want to use my full name for the blog because I write about so many different things.   Things that I love. They all have something in common. Style.  
So, this is a temporary home for the blog. I'm going to update to a wordpress blog soon, but I will be sure to keep this site up until then.  It's amazing what a name change can do, because I'm really motivated  and excited for more change to come.  Good change. 

A blog post, isn't complete without a photo, so here's one of the first photos I took with my Nikon D70.  I think it is very fitting.  As the horseshoe is a sign of good luck, I'm hoping for a lot of it! 

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Loving Hearts Captured Photography said...

I love the story behind your name and I find it very fitting and it has such a great ring to it!! Great choice with Wordpress too. I'll switching over as well shortly. Looking forward to your voyage & glad we can all ride along!