Monday, February 22, 2010

3 of my favorite things!

So, here goes my first blog post about some of my favorite things!! Oh, how I love Instyle Magazine. I have been subscribing to it for so long, I can't count the years. I love the photos, the editorial layouts, the articles, I love it all.  A few of my favorite articles include the "Man of style" and the "Life" section because it showcases different celebrity homes every month. I also love the "where to find" page, even if this girl can't afford it!  It is the highlight of my day when this mag comes in the mail.  That, and well, I love getting mail.  So much more intimate than an email or text.  Snail mail is a nice surprise every now and then.

We talked about Magazines, now off to J.Crew .  My heart skips a beat when there is a major MAJOR sale. That's all. Pretty simple. I love the clean, colorful, yet sweet style of the clothing line for men and women. I wish they had the wedding line when I got married. All the girls/guys and I would be in J. Crew for sure!

Moving on to my last favorite of the day...Pier 1 Ahhhhh! Let's just say I have a lot of Pier 1 in my home. It's me, it's "our" style.  We've figured that out over time.  We love clean design that is simple and stylish. Nothing over the top. Pier 1 is our happy place.

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Mary said...

How many times did I say LOVE in this blog post??