Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010. New Beginnings.

I'm kind of excited that a new year has begun. I've decided to make some changes to the blog and I will be getting that underway very soon. This year has gone by very quickly, and although a lot has happened..good and bad, I still don't feel that I treasured every day.  We didn't get a chance to take a vacation this year, but I did get to take a few weekend visits to visit Kenny on business. I went to San Antonio, Texas at the start of 2009, and ventured to Miami for a weekend in October.   I loved visiting both of these cities and we are definitely going back!!!! 
One thing I have to do is to post more PHOTOS! I have really been through a mixed bag of emotions this year and never felt I had enough time to do so, but in reality I was feeling guilty about doing something other than job searching. I would love to attend a beginner photography workshop at some point this year. I'm hoping that is a goal I will achieve.
In late 2009, I had the opportunity to write a few restaurant reviews for   I connected with the creator of the website, @lvscene on Twitter. It's amazing what social media can do for you. I have made some new friends and connections that have been awesome.  I'm going to start on the next review very soon. If you love food, travel, social events, and the Lehigh need to check it out. 

Here's hoping for a fun, fabulous and prosperous 2010!!  (posted two photos from my Miami weekend).

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Dana Sipper said...

Cheers to 2010 Mary! We need to get together this year so Sipper Photography can do that photo workshop. Let's put a group together in your area and the Sipper's will fly out to host!