Friday, November 14, 2008

11/15/08 Anniversary of our First Date!

I can't believe how time has flown by. I don't know how to describe it really. Kenny and I went on our first date, November 15, 1997! Oh my god...that date makes me seems crazy! 11 years...and counting.

We went to see "The Devil's Advocate" with Keanu Reeves. I should have known then, that he was a movie continues till this day and will always. Which I love.

We then proceded to go to the G-MAN. It's a bar...The Gingerbread Man. For those of you who are Non-Penn Staters. We stood on line in freezing cold weather... and ended up closing the bar down at 2 a.m. Surprise?? Not so much. Still do it on occasion! We just don't recoup as fast these days!

I always daydreamed about the day I would look back on the times we shared...even if it was just a date to the movies. It brings me back to where we began...and how far we've come in our relationship. We didn't know what was in store for us...we just made a decision to experience life together and I wouldn't change it for anything. We are not perfect...we have our moments, arguments, name-calling incidents like every couple. But, we do not go to bed angry.

We may not have achieved or experienced everything that we wanted to at this point in our lives, but I do believe that we are more in love today, than we were on our wedding day. I thank God for that.


maria said...

just catching up...i'm so late, but happy first date anniversary! :) you guys are so cute! i also wanted to thank you for all of the nice comments you've left on our blog. it's awesome to know that people follow our stuff. hope all is well!

liz said...

wow, 11 years! that's crazy : )